Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ArtisT StatemenT

I am a Romanian born artist from the city of Timisoara. Interest in art sparked early on, specifically with drawing. Later on I would immigrate to Canada where I continued to develop as an artist periodically up until now. My interests lie in traditional art methods of drawing and painting, but also the digital methods of painting and sculpting are a major artistic point of interest and development for my practice. I recently found a community of Toronto artist that meet up every week for sketch practice on subways. These sketch groups where random individual artists can meet, discuss and work in a public setting such as in a subway, is perhaps a new way of looking at what art practice really is. It is a new way of looking at the artist`s studio, the studio now becomes part of the public space thus the artist becomes part of the community. In this way artists could bring their tools and creativity straight in the public space where artwork could be produced and viewed by the public in the moment of creation rather than waiting for an exhibition. I think it would be an interesting theme to research for my Visa 2053 course, for which this blog is currently dedicated to alongside exhibiting my other artworks and inspirational art pieces. In researching this theme throughout the various projects coming up in the course, I hope to get a sense of what it would mean to move away from the traditional secluded artist studio and create within the audience’s public space. I hope I can explore a way in which I could connect with my audience faster and more intimately by exploring this particular theme of the artist as/part of a community.

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