Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Graffiti / Final


At the beginning of the course, I have decided that I would focus my projects on the theme: the artist working in the public sphere and the artist working with other artists and non-artist alike. In the beginning I wished to explore this theme form my own experience. I wanted to share the experience I have while going out every Sunday with other artists in a gathering known as ‘Toronto Subway Sketching``. I was particularly interested in the teaching / learning environment that Subway Sketching provided for anyone that was interested. I felt that Subway Sketching was a good representation of a studio away from home or school where artists could be surrounded by their subject. This also allows you to receive feedback on your work from those around you, which in turn helps you become a better artist while at the same time providing art for those interesting in watching what you are working on. In the first assignment I wanted to provide a visual feel to what the `studio` environment looks like and so I took a few pictures that showed some of the participating artist at work. In the second project I wanted to focus more specifically on the idea behind subway sketching, so I filmed one of the creators, who hopefully was able to provide some insight. In my opinion I fell that Thierry was able to provide a good overview of the mission behind Subway Sketching and its importance for all young artist and non-artists that wish to explore art outside the comfort of their homes. Deciding that I covered enough of the Subway Sketching phenomenon and it`s application to my theme, I changed direction to a much more public setting than the subway car: the streets themselves. I have always been a fan of graffiti, both as an art form and as a form of expression by which the people living within an urban environment could be heard. Graffiti is practice by practicing artists and those who do not consider themselves artists, therefore I tough it would be a great subject to explore for my performance piece in which I gathered a group of people and persuaded them to work with me on a freestyle graffiti project which I have filmed for class. At the great success of the first graffiti filming, I have decided to give it another shot, except this time I was focused much more on creating a predesigned piece for which myself proclaimed `non- artist` friend helped add to the piece. I choose to spray my graffiti nickname which is COG. This name is a shorter form of my full name but also has a meaning attached to it: A subordinate that performs a routine but important function. I feel that in a way artists in general are all cogs because they are a functional part of the bigger machine that is the art world. After finishing the initial piece that I had in mind, we completely went over it and changed it to the point where what was underneath was gone. The reason for doing this is because I wanted to have the feeling of temporariness that is tied to graffiti. In doing graffiti one should always keep in mind that someone else will come and paint over your work, in turn creating something new.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Centennial Bombing - Graffiti Project

The video is a documentation of the Graffiti project I undertook with a few friends in a public space (Centennial Park). The goal was to introduce people to the art form of graffiti writing by working together as a team in the creation of an artwork. The performance aspect of the project was in creating the artwork within a public space, which fits in with my orginal theme form the beggining of the year : The Artist workin in the community / public space, because Graffiti is an artform that is produced within the public sphere.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Look Into Subway Sketching

In this video I set out to interview one of the veterans and co-creator of the Subway Sketching movement in Toronto: Thierry Lafontaine. Thierry is a former animation teacher, and current member of Imaginism Studios created by Toronto artist Bobby Chiu (also creator of the Toronto Subway Sketching). Because T (what we call Thierry while Subway Sketching) is such a great teacher/mentor to all of us that come out and sketch, and because he is one of the founding members, I felt that he was the right person I should interview with regards to what this 'activity' or 'movement' is to him and what it means for all of us that come out to sketch in this public studio.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Subway Sketching Examples

I want to include these subway sketchin examples by two artists from NYC that also share in the phenomenon of public art production. I want to tie in these two videos to my previous post as to give you a practical view of work produced during these art "trips".

-- The Subway Studio --

"Seriously? Drawing on the Subway??"

At the beginning of the term I set out to explore the way the artist becomes a part of the community. One such way I found through personal experience was by moving his "studio" to a public setting (a subway train in this case). With these 5 Images I want to expose one such studio where anonymous/ unknown artist can get together an share in the process of learning and creating of art. This "studio" because it is out in the open, invites new artists and art admirers alike to observe and participate in the creation of art. The Images taken have only been altered as to be easier for viewing, with the exception of "Artist at work" where I wanted to emphasize only the artist's hands and tools(sketchbook and pencil).

The Studio

"Wish I could draw.."

"...awesome drawings."

Artist at work

Artists need breaks too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Other Media Related To Theme

Related to my theme in a way is the Improv Toronto Events such as the No Pants Subway Ride ( which u can see in the link below). Like Subway sketching, the no pants subway ride could perhaps be a way of artistic expression in the public space. I was not involved in the No Pants Subway Ride but I have seen it happen during one of my subway sketchin days. For those who are thinking "omg dude really? No pants on in a public space?". Yep just check the youtube link / the Improv Toronto website for more info.


ArtisT StatemenT

I am a Romanian born artist from the city of Timisoara. Interest in art sparked early on, specifically with drawing. Later on I would immigrate to Canada where I continued to develop as an artist periodically up until now. My interests lie in traditional art methods of drawing and painting, but also the digital methods of painting and sculpting are a major artistic point of interest and development for my practice. I recently found a community of Toronto artist that meet up every week for sketch practice on subways. These sketch groups where random individual artists can meet, discuss and work in a public setting such as in a subway, is perhaps a new way of looking at what art practice really is. It is a new way of looking at the artist`s studio, the studio now becomes part of the public space thus the artist becomes part of the community. In this way artists could bring their tools and creativity straight in the public space where artwork could be produced and viewed by the public in the moment of creation rather than waiting for an exhibition. I think it would be an interesting theme to research for my Visa 2053 course, for which this blog is currently dedicated to alongside exhibiting my other artworks and inspirational art pieces. In researching this theme throughout the various projects coming up in the course, I hope to get a sense of what it would mean to move away from the traditional secluded artist studio and create within the audience’s public space. I hope I can explore a way in which I could connect with my audience faster and more intimately by exploring this particular theme of the artist as/part of a community.