Tuesday, February 2, 2010

-- The Subway Studio --

"Seriously? Drawing on the Subway??"

At the beginning of the term I set out to explore the way the artist becomes a part of the community. One such way I found through personal experience was by moving his "studio" to a public setting (a subway train in this case). With these 5 Images I want to expose one such studio where anonymous/ unknown artist can get together an share in the process of learning and creating of art. This "studio" because it is out in the open, invites new artists and art admirers alike to observe and participate in the creation of art. The Images taken have only been altered as to be easier for viewing, with the exception of "Artist at work" where I wanted to emphasize only the artist's hands and tools(sketchbook and pencil).

The Studio

"Wish I could draw.."

"...awesome drawings."

Artist at work

Artists need breaks too.

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